Delivering Innovative Packaging Solutions

With Custom-Designed Fabricated Foam Products

Black foam packaging material for a metal component

Keeping Your Products Safe in Transit

Shipping damage can have a major impact on a manufacturer’s bottom line. Investing in high-quality packaging materials ensure your products make it safely to their final destination, protect your profits, and keep your customers happy.  Turn to Dynamic Packaging for the right packaging solution.

What We Do

After your consultation is complete, we create a design that specifically addresses the physical characteristics of your product and safely protects it from the rigors of the shipping process.  Aesthetics are important; your packaging is a reflection of the quality of your product. Our designs are also tailored to present a crisp, professional look to your packaged product.

Stacks of black foam packaging materials with hollow circle spaces

Benefits of Fabricated Foam Packaging

The advantages of using our fabricated products vs. molded Styrofoam include lower set-up and tooling costs as well as the ability to adjust more quickly and inexpensively to design changes as your product evolves. Additionally, we have in-house CNC water jet cutting capabilities (no tooling investment required) for fast prototyping as well as low-volume production.

Black foam packaging material with square and rectangular cuts

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